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Talent is the most important resource of enterprise, talent is the source of strength for the enterprise to create value, sustainable development, prosperous.

Kang Hui water treatment to "put one's heart and soul into service customer success" for enterprise business philosophy. Achievement of Kang Hui Albert, need to bring together a large number of marketing, management, research and development, human resources services to the common cast. Companies adhere to the "people-oriented", respect knowledge, respect talent: the talent to create a good development space, to keep people cause; salary structure with the skills and performance as the main target and improve the welfare policy to do ---- treatment to people; create a good corporate culture, strengthen the cohesion of the enterprise, do keep people feeling.

Company established a scientific human resources management system, and gradually improve the full potential of the talent mechanism, in realizing the great target Kang Hui -- do water treatment developers the best at the same time, give everyone play to their ability of space, realize self value.