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Undertaking  of  after sale service

Respected user:
Thank you for purchasing equipment in our company, in order to better serve you, we solemnly promise::
1、 Water treatment products we sell are responsible for door-to-door, free installation and debugging, the use of personnel training, to learn how to use and operation.
2、 All products of our company are one year warranty, the warranty period free on-site debugging and repair.
3、 The report after receiving notice, the engineer will speak to you first identify equipment problems, proposed solutions.
4、 The user fails in normal use, the company is committed to the above warranty service.
5、 In the warranty period, the situation will be paid repair service::
(1) Damage due to human or irresistible natural phenomenon.
(2) Due to a malfunction or damage caused by improper operation;
(3) Because of the transformation of products, decomposition, assembly and failure or damage
6、 In the warranty period, our company will be paid to repair service.
7、 The user can through the relevant technical problems of customer service telephone consultation, and had a clear solution


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